Front office operations
The front office (customer facing) part of a travel business has the following functions:

  • Creating a booking: the heart of the day to day travel business revolves around creating bookings by searching your chosen market for the options, quoting on the best options and then managing them through to a fully paid up holiday. Creating the booking in a clear, modifiable way at the outset will make the operation much smoother. Managing that booking to completion comes under the back office. 

  • Managing customers: Your opportunity to really understand your customers starts as they consider a booking right through the booking and trip. The key to a smooth operation and repeat business is gathering the relevant data once and using that for the booking and future marketing campaigns.

  • Website or travel shop presence: It is hard to imagine a new business without a customer facing web site or a travel shop. Whatever your choice this is likely to be a big cost item and one that it is important to get right quickly.

  • Market literature, advertising and campaigns: As covered in travel business network, there may well be a lot of data and a lot of critical activity to consider.