2. Travel Regulation and Legalities
Why read this section? The founders of TTA set up a travel business many years ago. At the time it was quite a difficult process. That inspired them to set up a company that helped others set up their own travel businesses, and navigate through the regulation and legalities. While this section might look like one to skip, there are some big costs and implications to consider. This section will make you aware of the regulation and how it impacts the way you set up and run your travel business.

What you need to know before you read this section: Nothing!

In order to operate, you need a basic understanding of the relevant rules for three regulatory bodies and a fourth commercial body. These are the

The links above describe each and its impact on your business and then what you can do to operate within the rules. One confusion which we need to clear up is the PTR and ATOL overlap.

This section has been about a set of guarantees that you have no real choice over. The final requirements are for Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI), Public Liability Insurance (PL) and Public and Product Liability Insurance (PPL). PI insures you against malpractice by you and your staff (depending on the policy details). PL and PPL insure you against being held responsible for the damage or harm to one of your customers caused by a third party failure. As far as I am aware, there is no definitive need to have PI, PL or PPL but I would very strongly recommend it.
If you are new to the travel industry, then this section takes a lot of understanding. As I have said, you may appreciate why TTA was set up to offer a way of working which meets all of these regulatory needs, at very low start up costs.