Me too customer proposition
Is your idea a me too customer proposition? First answer each of the following questions:

Yes or no?
1. Will it appeal to a specific type of customer, in a way that the mass market does not?
2. Does it utilise rare services, like off piste skiing from the example above?

3. Do you have access to a specific set of customers, with common travel desires, who you could attract as customers?

The classic example of this being a shop front in a good location, as the shop front can be the key where customers like personal contact.

A second example would be belonging to a special interest group. I recently read about a successful niche travel business that provides tours to see opera.

4. Would your company be the only company providing your proposition?
5. Do I have a good personal knowledge of a specific product or market? If so, is this the core for my business. For example, offering a high service level to customers?
6. Is there a specific demographic that it will appeal to- for example, Saga holidays? 
7. Will the traveller have access to specific expertise or like-minded people. An example could be ski trips organised and run by expert skiers?

If you can answer yes to at least one question then it's not just a me too idea.